Sunday, May 24, 2015

In memory of Edward Forrest and Justin Culbreth

This is a Memorial Day post.

I served with two fine gentlemen that were Killed in Action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

SGT Edward Forrest was in my platoon in Iraq in 2005. He was wanting to stay in the Army and be one of those lifer types. He was moving quickly towards a leader position and was a fire team leader almost immediately after we returned from Iraq. He died in 2009 in Mosul with four other men. I was heartbroken to hear about his death and bought a KIA bracelet with his name on it.

SGT Justin Culbreth was in my platoon in Iraq in 2005. I remember making jokes with him about his youth. I knew him as a young PFC and then a Specialist. He did not seem to like the Army and we complained about it together. He, later, reenlisted, so I guess he enjoyed it more than I think. He died in Afghanistan but I know less about the details of this except that it was an IED.

So, keep my seat warm for when I join you, my friends. I will be thinking about you today on Memorial Day.