Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dissertation outline updated

I have been reading Thomas Carlyle today. It is not easy reading, but it is probably some of the most eye-opening I have read in a while.

I have been asked to recommend two books by their authors. This gives me opportunity to put pen-to-paper and give advice.

I have my 10-points document for my dissertation put together after comments. It'll take a bit of tweaking next week, but I believe my dissertation is better for it.

I have some additions to my prospectus and literature review for that dissertation. This is where the meat of work will come from the next few weeks.

The question to ask is what have I done for my dissertation today. I have done a bit, thanks.

Monday, May 16, 2016

On rights

I just finished watching an enlightening video by Sargon of Akkad

It points out that the legacy of traditional gender roles tend to favor women in something called Gynocentrism. As I dig into Women's History for my future class, I notice that traditional gender roles have favored women. In one case in my textbook, a man is forced to pay for his abuse (at the hands of his wife), because of the collective legal status of married couples. 

Women often receive spousal support while one man who received spousal support is heavily trolled for this.

Women at one time, to quote one professor of mine, were considered good simply because they were women.

When women began demanding equality, they lost rights to this. They began asking for equal pay and chance at jobs. Yet those are positions of opportunity. They are not granted to anyone, with the exception of minimum wage. That is a position of right. Everyone else has to negotiate and fight for pay.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Today (titles are hard)

Today, I have been a bit slow on Twitter.

I brought my daughter to the park for her twice-a-week "park day." She is homeschooled so we try to give her a chance out any time we can.

I am blogging and am not sure of the count this week. We may get another Saturday post.

The media attempts to both give Trump more publicity than ever and the left tries to throw everything at him that they can. He will only find more support unless he makes a major mistake. I can't wait to see him in a debate with Clinton.

I have not done much for school, but got a lot of non-school related reading done. I'll have to fix the school related reading.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


I have turned in work for my doctoral residency. It is not for a couple of weeks.

I have got some work done on my notes for the class I'll be teaching.

What else? I have been doing well on Twitter. @jtarb1 is my handle.

It looks like the alt-right is finally making it somewhere. I don't exactly know where I fit in, but I have always been a right-leaning independent. I don't know how I feel about everything, but immigration privileges need to be slowed.

I don't feel that they are rights.

Mindset remains key. That must be done through proper habits, proper training and education, and reading good books. I have been reading a lot on burnout from academic journals later.

I'd like to get this doctorate finished as quickly as possible.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Feeling productive

I have a few projects coming up.

First is my doctoral residency: In the meantime, I am reading heavily into my dissertation topic (Burnout, if you wonder). So, I am reading anything and everything on burnout I can come by. I am paying attention to methodology in this social science topic.

Second, is my preparing for teaching a class (History of American Women). I have to stay on top of this topic in order to fill my classes up. I find it somewhat difficult to bring enough material for a 3.5 hour class. I'll be focusing on that.

Third, my mother is coming into town. That means that I cannot slack on chores, or I'll be considered a slob. My mother isn't the cleanest, but she'll appreciate a clean house.

Fourth, I am homeschooling my daughter and that is something that always weighs heavy on my mind.

Leave behind any tips that would include new projects. I need more to fill my time. Haha.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Falling behind

I am busy preparing for an upcoming doctoral residency. I'll still try to post, but it has been hard to keep up like I had before.

There is a lot of editing to do. It is harder to find time to cook, so I am at the point of quickly grabbing a meal and then back to work. Keeping on track has been difficult.

I am not sure what is different except for mindset. I need to think tougher.

One book that is relevant to that which I have not read in a while is Mike Cernovich's Gorilla Mindset.

I need to read it again. It is not Kindle Unlimited eligible.

What are some strategies you readers use to or books you read to get motivated?

I guess, besides diet, productivity is at an all time high for me.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

On Mission

A lot of people are voting for Trump, because his mission is simple. If he can build a wall, he has succeeded. It is the major feature of his campaign. It is the reason other alt-right players are campaigning for someone on a major ticket.

I don't believe that the alt-right would be so united if Trump was not such an alpha.

Writing a personal mission statement by writing your goals down. In the next two years, mine is to finish my Ed.D at Grand Canyon University.

If I have it in two years, I will be a success on my two year mission statement.

If I do not, then I have failed. I don't believe that there will be an opportunity to do it after that point due to costs and deadlines I have set up.

Get the goal, succeed. Fall short, fail.

It is that simple.

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Friday, May 6, 2016


I failed in my efforts to blog last night. Just too much at one time.

That means that I am not going to post end of week until Saturday, I assume.

I'll get my fourth blog posts out even if it takes a weekend.

I have my upcoming doctoral residency coming up. I think I am as ready as I'll be for that.

Just a couple of computer maintenance tasks await that residency.

Diet is going okay. I am holding up at a stable weight. I probably plateaued for now.

Trump is kicking butt. For everyone that said Trump would not make it past Jeb Bush or Cruz, they were wrong. For everyone that called Jeb a frontrunner, Trump is proving them wrong.

Trump can win. He just needs the steamroll of good press to continue for him. He is just owning.

Hillary is making so many mistakes and she is still having to compete heavily against Sanders.

Sanders is probably one of the few honest men left in politics. I am sorry that he's probably not getting enough news coverage compared to a former First Lady.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Alt-Right as a political party

The effort to put a woman on the $20 where Andrew Jackson has been has been eye-opening. I took a Jefferson and Jackson class during my MA time.

Old Hickory (Jackson) threw the Democrats into a tailspin that they hadn't recovered from until the time of FDR. The Whig party of the 1800s was a reaction against Jackson by Democrats.

Jackson was a Democrat, but a conservative one. More Dems who hated Jackson moved to the Whigs.

Keep in mind that before Jackson, we were still having the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans.

Is it possible that we will see a reaction among the Right Wing that will turn the Alt-Right into a legitimate political party? The moderate conservatives would likely stay loyal to the Republicans.

I think this would be a good move. Where would you peg Trump? With the Alt-Right as an antiestablishment populist? Or with the GOP?

Finally, have the Democrats thought of forming a new name for their party. Jackson, who the Dems rally against for the Trail of Tears, was the first president of our (now) Liberal Democrats.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Busy yesterday, blogging today

I committed to four blog posts a week when I made this blog active again. I have kept to that. I didn't post yesterday which makes me responsible for four solid days of blogging.

I had an interview yesterday. I am hoping to hear back today or tomorrow. That is one reason why I didn't post yesterday. On top of that, I finished the first draft of my Prospectus. It is only about six pages, but I pulled the data from a few places and it made the work arduous.

I cannot wait until I have worked out enough that I am not sore after every time. I took a weight training class in high school and never got sore after a point, but those were controlled conditions and I am getting older. #Yourenot16anymore.

How can I make myself more valuable to you readers? Let me know if you read regularly. More book reviews? Less?
I'd be glad to hear back from you.