Monday, June 27, 2016

More readers

Yesterday was a big day for the blog. I simply made the difference by scheduling a post telling people about my blog in the middle of the night.

I had not set up auto-tweets too much in the past due to people hacking my Twitters. I made my password super-secure by using all kinds of symbols. Through that, I'll try it again.

I hope this readership keeps on, but I don't have any followers or replies as of now. Not on this blog anyway.

I am sure that things are looking up.

Tomorrow is test day in class for my students. After that, we'll give a halfway point grade and be on our races for the end.

I am still walking regularly, even though the monsoon season is in Tucson. We had a big rainstorm from it yesterday. It is humid, but nothing compared to Georgia.

Have a good day.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Family visiting

So, I am getting to know my wife's family better. I am becoming more comfortable with them. This is not just the in-laws, but my wife's extended family that lives elsewhere.

I feel that I have to use principles normally associated with "Game" (dating stuff) to keep people interested. It is normally like me to keep to myself. To keep from being introverted to a terrible closed position, I have to use principles from books or podcasts on dating.

I am able to keep people interested in my conversations more this way. I obviously tweak each idea for non-sexual, no kino reasons.

I feel like this is working towards making my marriage better and making my relationships with her extended family better. This has been a fun week.

I am not being seen as much the outsider as I once was. I am now keeping the comfortable distance with my wife's family, which also helps with my wife. Of course, "game" principles help with my wife. I hope you guys are having a great week.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Feeling motivated

Last night, while teaching, I had some students telling me they liked the way I teach. Unfortunately, I am taking time off from teaching to complete the final part of my doctorate.

I enjoy teaching but feeling rather motivated right now.

The sale on my book goes until early July. Get it if you are interested, or try Red Teaming for Renegades, my other work.

They are pamplet length books, but might be of some value to you.

I am getting back to blogging and mTurk work regularly. I enjoy doing the surveys on Mechanical Turk to make a few more bucks every month.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Sale tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, my book Goals-based Homeschooling, will be on sale on I'll include a banner at the bottom. If you are interested in what goals to start when homeschooling or homeschooling in general, it may be a good time to pick it up.

No news on the car-front. I'll be getting it worked on sometime around the first, but I have honestly been enjoying walking. That is true, even though it has been somewhere around 115 F where I live.

Well, grading to do. So, pick up that book tomorrow. Or grab it on Kindle Unlimited.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Without a car for a bit

I have been very busy since work Tuesday. My car is having battery or alternator troubles. I worked on it a bit on Wednesday, but don't think I have all the tools. That means I will have to wait until I can pay someone.

I have been walking. In fact, the entire family has, but primarily me. I am getting great exercise and building a habit that isn't dependent on the car.

I am working on quizzes for my class and trying to get back to a sense of normal. I have been busy, and tired. I am a bit out of shape, but a brisk walk doesn't wear me down. Neither does carrying pretty heavy loads during the mile walk back.

I could use the bus, but it would just be for a stop and the crossing (the dangerous part) remains even if I rode the bus. I should be able to get back to regular blogging soon, but for now I am trying to adjust to walking more.

Monday, June 13, 2016


Work is going steady. I am in my third week out of my ten-week (this term happens to have ten classes out of a normal 11-week term) term. My students and I normally grab more rapport over time.

I am having a very busy day. I have laundry, some shopping, homeschooling, blogging, and cooking all to do and most of it is done. I like busy. It gets hard if I hit snags, but I love to have a full schedule.

I am listening to Mike Cernovich's Thinking Big podcast (check out his excellent Gorilla Mindset). I have done some reading on Lt. Col. Poole's Afrique: A Warning for America. I am feeling like re-reading Taleb's Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder (Incerto) as a response to the Orlando incident.

I try always to have a response to big events. Most of the time, it is double down on productivity or re-reading a book. What do you do to react to real events? I would recommend self-defense training. I would recommend more frequent exercise. Only your body can respond to events faster than you know they are happening.

Friday, June 10, 2016

End of week

I had a bad experience with the 1400 calorie diet that my GI doctor put me on. I was extremely tired and am trying to fix it a bit. I think 1800 may be more my speed.

I was put on it for fatty liver, but have overcompensated and put on a couple of pounds in the meantime. I hope to lose those again, but I need some way to get motivated.

How do you get motivated at the beginning of a self-imposed diet? It is easy enough when a physician tells me to start one. This is far more difficult.

In other news, this election cycle is just bad news. Every article on the internet talks about "sick burns" and other stuff when the candidates talk about each other. I will be glad when the cycle is over.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Visit from my Mother

So, after residency, blogging did not pick up because I had a week long visit from my mother.
I have been very busy trying to keep things up around the house, but now that she has gone back, I should be able to resume blogging.

I still need to get my new literature review up to par but got relatively good grades on my prospectus. Hopefully, there are not too many problems getting it and the proposal through.

Besides that, it has been pretty dull. I finished reading the kindle copy of Moldbug that I got. I'll be re-reading that often. It covers some of the best parts of his political philosophy.