Wednesday, March 30, 2016

On Barbarism

As the Hestia Society notes, morality is civilization.

But what if we abandon the Neoreactionary idea, as some groups cannot seem to adjust to civilization? What if tribalism is better, allowing each tribe to form mini-civilizations?

Jack Donovan seems to put forth great ideas. I have not read his new book, but got some great ideas from a podcast he was involved in.

  • Everyone wants to be a viking until the vikings rape, pillage, and destroy your tribe.
  • Men are about the tribe. Women are about altruism. With civilization comes feminism.
  • The mainstream media attempts to make the outgroup into a group everyone should care about. Reject that and build your own tribes. Invest in members of those tribes. Divest in all else.
  • Caring about everyone makes men weak.
  • Globalization destroyed the tribe.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Moldbuggery, again?

Curtis Yarvin (AKA Mencius Moldbug of posted an AMA on reddit today. He also did a short post on Medium yesterday that answered why he should be allowed a spot at conferences speaking about his company instead of speaking about political philosophy.

I should note that he was speaking as the founder of Urbit and not as Moldbug.

Monday, March 28, 2016

On Red Teaming and my Book

I am visiting with family for a few more days.

I wanted to take this opportunity to promote a book I put on the Kindle store. It can be read through Kindle Unlimited and is 1.99. It is called Red Teaming for Renegades. It isn't very long, but the mindset principles are useful.

If you read it, good or bad, please leave a review.

Friday, March 25, 2016

On Good Friday

Today, I got a lot done. Despite that, I tried to keep my focus on Jesus. It is Good Friday. I admit I am not the perfect Christian. I have some beliefs that differ from the Orthodox while at the same time, I believe the essential might have been stripped from Christianity. Some of that is due to the fact that we do not have original manuscripts. Yes, I know that Dead Sea Scroll copies of early texts are a lot like modern Old Testament books. Yes, I know that translation does not destroy, but only changed meaning a little bit. Yes, I know that we have early copies of New Testament books.

I still believe that modern practice of Christianity has little similarity to early Christianity.

Yet, I refuse to believe I am lost due to this.

I am a Protestant, but I am not an ideal one.

This is a day I feel my religion closer than many others.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Playing Pandemic

Tonight, I went over for some family time. We sang worship songs, ate dinner, and played a board game. It was relaxing. The game is a cooperative board game instead of a competitive one. Pandemic if you must know.

We try to sing worship songs in an event called Praise and Pizza every Thursday. It seems to be pretty consistent, but dinner varies. Most nights, we have at least one pizza.

It's Maundy Thursday, if one follows Holy Week. A verse about the Last Supper was said, so I pointed out that it probably happened on Thursday of the Holy Week. It kinda struck, even though we are separated by 2k years give or take.

A relative of mine is having trouble. He is taking an M.Div and his professor said his beliefs were not consistent. I don't buy the argument. A professor is there to encourage growth, but it is difficult to grade a belief. It mostly regarded the entire Calvinism argument and whether my relative was consistent in his defense of it.

What do you think? Should a professor grade ideas and their consistency? Should a professor only grade a good argument?

It is difficult because it is a religious course. Let me know in the comments if you have an opinion.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I really want to have a blog. I am not so good at putting in the effort at the keyboard.

I hope to change that. If you happen to read this and have any suggestions for a weekly blog (or something that way), let me know in the comments.

Habits that I am good at:
     Regular reading
     Getting up early
     Doing schoolwork for my Ed.D with plenty of time to spare
Habits that I am not good at:
     Brushing and flossing
     Blogging (!)

I just finished Brave New War by John Robb. A great read on open-source warfare.