Thursday, January 1, 2015

Acts 1:1-3:2

     The Apostles still have not abandoned their outlook for the eschaton at this point. Even though Jesus rose and taught for forty days after that, that time is now, but not yet. Jesus allows the furtherance of the eschaton, but Jesus said that it was not their time to know. This is the nature of all predictions. While trends can be measured, that does not guarantee catastrophic events do not happen, barring things. Only God knows.

     I was recently reading I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. In it, he speaks about the impossibility of beating the market (unless you are Warren Buffet). Everyone has their systems, but Buffet has looked for valued stocks that are underpriced. That does not render him Deity, however.

    Mr. Sethi also speaks about the impossibility of wine tasting, and how some professional wine experts misdetected white wine as red wine when the white wine was colored with simple food coloring.

     The end is now and not yet, because the beginning of the end is occurring now. We have seen the death of ideology and the blending of the two main parties in the American two-party system. Lord, come quickly.