Sunday, January 18, 2015

Luke 1:1-5:24, James 4:5-5:20, 1 Peter 1:1-2:11

I've written elsewhere about the timing of Jesus' birth and how difficult it can be using the whole of the Gospels. Luke's dating with Quirinius as governor of Syria seems to be of a different opinion from Matthew.

Luke's birth story starts with the birth of John the Baptist. John really was the last Old Testamant prophet, though he is written about only in the New Testament.

Man can forgive, but blasphemies can only be forgiven by God.

It is better to be humble, as James says, but one may find himself boasting in order to use Game against his wife or girlfriend. It is simply better that way. To yourself, be humble. To others, walk as if you can do nothing wrong.

Peter 1:24-25: Flesh will be destroyed. Fall for the person, but enjoy the flesh while you still have it.