Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Matthew 19:1-24:27; Acts 10:19-42

Divorce is to be avoided. Christians have a poor track record of being better than the world as far as divorce goes. I am divorced, yet was secular at the time and knew not of Red Pill behaviors. These help even in keeping the wife interested. My ex cheated.

Matthew 19:30; Those who are last on earth will be first, those who are last on earth may well be first. God decides.

The sons of Zebedee's mother asked for her sons to be sitting on the outside of the Messiah. This kind of promotion not coming from God is wrong. Allow God to find you first, and you can be.

I really wish I understood the Fig Tree section of  Matthew 21:18-22. I have heard many explanations in my Christian studies courses, yet I am lost there.

Money: pleasing to man. The Church may use it, yet God looks after the heart. Render to Caesar what is his.