Wednesday, March 30, 2016

On Barbarism

As the Hestia Society notes, morality is civilization.

But what if we abandon the Neoreactionary idea, as some groups cannot seem to adjust to civilization? What if tribalism is better, allowing each tribe to form mini-civilizations?

Jack Donovan seems to put forth great ideas. I have not read his new book, but got some great ideas from a podcast he was involved in.

  • Everyone wants to be a viking until the vikings rape, pillage, and destroy your tribe.
  • Men are about the tribe. Women are about altruism. With civilization comes feminism.
  • The mainstream media attempts to make the outgroup into a group everyone should care about. Reject that and build your own tribes. Invest in members of those tribes. Divest in all else.
  • Caring about everyone makes men weak.
  • Globalization destroyed the tribe.