Thursday, March 24, 2016

Playing Pandemic

Tonight, I went over for some family time. We sang worship songs, ate dinner, and played a board game. It was relaxing. The game is a cooperative board game instead of a competitive one. Pandemic if you must know.

We try to sing worship songs in an event called Praise and Pizza every Thursday. It seems to be pretty consistent, but dinner varies. Most nights, we have at least one pizza.

It's Maundy Thursday, if one follows Holy Week. A verse about the Last Supper was said, so I pointed out that it probably happened on Thursday of the Holy Week. It kinda struck, even though we are separated by 2k years give or take.

A relative of mine is having trouble. He is taking an M.Div and his professor said his beliefs were not consistent. I don't buy the argument. A professor is there to encourage growth, but it is difficult to grade a belief. It mostly regarded the entire Calvinism argument and whether my relative was consistent in his defense of it.

What do you think? Should a professor grade ideas and their consistency? Should a professor only grade a good argument?

It is difficult because it is a religious course. Let me know in the comments if you have an opinion.