Sunday, June 26, 2016

Family visiting

So, I am getting to know my wife's family better. I am becoming more comfortable with them. This is not just the in-laws, but my wife's extended family that lives elsewhere.

I feel that I have to use principles normally associated with "Game" (dating stuff) to keep people interested. It is normally like me to keep to myself. To keep from being introverted to a terrible closed position, I have to use principles from books or podcasts on dating.

I am able to keep people interested in my conversations more this way. I obviously tweak each idea for non-sexual, no kino reasons.

I feel like this is working towards making my marriage better and making my relationships with her extended family better. This has been a fun week.

I am not being seen as much the outsider as I once was. I am now keeping the comfortable distance with my wife's family, which also helps with my wife. Of course, "game" principles help with my wife. I hope you guys are having a great week.