Friday, June 17, 2016

Without a car for a bit

I have been very busy since work Tuesday. My car is having battery or alternator troubles. I worked on it a bit on Wednesday, but don't think I have all the tools. That means I will have to wait until I can pay someone.

I have been walking. In fact, the entire family has, but primarily me. I am getting great exercise and building a habit that isn't dependent on the car.

I am working on quizzes for my class and trying to get back to a sense of normal. I have been busy, and tired. I am a bit out of shape, but a brisk walk doesn't wear me down. Neither does carrying pretty heavy loads during the mile walk back.

I could use the bus, but it would just be for a stop and the crossing (the dangerous part) remains even if I rode the bus. I should be able to get back to regular blogging soon, but for now I am trying to adjust to walking more.