Friday, May 6, 2016


I failed in my efforts to blog last night. Just too much at one time.

That means that I am not going to post end of week until Saturday, I assume.

I'll get my fourth blog posts out even if it takes a weekend.

I have my upcoming doctoral residency coming up. I think I am as ready as I'll be for that.

Just a couple of computer maintenance tasks await that residency.

Diet is going okay. I am holding up at a stable weight. I probably plateaued for now.

Trump is kicking butt. For everyone that said Trump would not make it past Jeb Bush or Cruz, they were wrong. For everyone that called Jeb a frontrunner, Trump is proving them wrong.

Trump can win. He just needs the steamroll of good press to continue for him. He is just owning.

Hillary is making so many mistakes and she is still having to compete heavily against Sanders.

Sanders is probably one of the few honest men left in politics. I am sorry that he's probably not getting enough news coverage compared to a former First Lady.