Monday, May 16, 2016

On rights

I just finished watching an enlightening video by Sargon of Akkad

It points out that the legacy of traditional gender roles tend to favor women in something called Gynocentrism. As I dig into Women's History for my future class, I notice that traditional gender roles have favored women. In one case in my textbook, a man is forced to pay for his abuse (at the hands of his wife), because of the collective legal status of married couples. 

Women often receive spousal support while one man who received spousal support is heavily trolled for this.

Women at one time, to quote one professor of mine, were considered good simply because they were women.

When women began demanding equality, they lost rights to this. They began asking for equal pay and chance at jobs. Yet those are positions of opportunity. They are not granted to anyone, with the exception of minimum wage. That is a position of right. Everyone else has to negotiate and fight for pay.