Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Feeling productive

I have a few projects coming up.

First is my doctoral residency: In the meantime, I am reading heavily into my dissertation topic (Burnout, if you wonder). So, I am reading anything and everything on burnout I can come by. I am paying attention to methodology in this social science topic.

Second, is my preparing for teaching a class (History of American Women). I have to stay on top of this topic in order to fill my classes up. I find it somewhat difficult to bring enough material for a 3.5 hour class. I'll be focusing on that.

Third, my mother is coming into town. That means that I cannot slack on chores, or I'll be considered a slob. My mother isn't the cleanest, but she'll appreciate a clean house.

Fourth, I am homeschooling my daughter and that is something that always weighs heavy on my mind.

Leave behind any tips that would include new projects. I need more to fill my time. Haha.