Friday, April 22, 2016

Donovan is spot-on

Jack Donovan's Becoming a Barbarian is amazing.

I am not finished, but will be sharing more insights from this book in future posts.

He writes about our system of tolerance and how it has turned into moral universalism. Everything, according to this universalism, is okay as long as no one is offended.
We ignore signals put out by people's body language and dress because judging people by their looks is wrong.

Donovan disagrees.

We should build tribes that we invest in, which I've posted about elsewhere. This investment shows who we should care about, instead of outrage journalism. The news should not inform who we should care about. Faith and philosophy should dictate that.

Our tribes, including our families, are build to extend our legacy and way of thought and living.

I'll share more when I am further along. Pick it up on Amazon.