Thursday, April 7, 2016

Four Times a Week

So, I decided that blogging four times a week is just enough. It seems to work. Gives me one night to pursue other projects within the week but keep the streak going. I got four posts in last week. I want to blog, but I'll either increase as this gets easier or decrease as time gets scarce. 

I am happy that I came at the time of the internet. While it is annoying that people are on their phones all the time. Especially while driving. Yet, I am happy I did not come when there was little anesthetic for surgery. When children had to work all day just to keep the family going. 

I put another short read on this week. It is called Goals-based Homeschooling. It is on Kindle Unlimited, so feel free to give it a read if you have KU. 

I have one more post to make this week, and I'll have a goal for tomorrow.