Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Teaching about American Women

As I work as a history instructor at a small, Christian university site, I was surprised by the class they had me teaching this term. It is History of American Women.

First, I thought that this was a class better-suited alongside those programs with copious history classes required. Most programs at the site where I teach only require two classes. I am finding my classes increasing in size.

Second, I think this would be better for a social history, which the class does not necessarily require on the syllabus. Women until the early suffrage movement were diverse and mostly worked at the home. They raised babies and families.

Third, I think similarly with my history and theology. Women are to be protected as helpmeets. I acknowledge that men appear the servant class in most of history. Men charged the enemy, while women stayed and protected the family. Women, in my view, should not be in the military. They certainly should not be on the front lines. Women are the front lines to Western civilization.

I am very honored to have the opportunity to teach history again. I am finishing my doctorate full-time, but that leaves a little time for building my Vitae. This is said to be a very popular class in most appearances. I will teach history as the book and syllabus require.

Discussing and debating history may come up during breaks when I am not teaching. I welcome them. I, however, always learn more than the students.