Friday, October 21, 2016

Health numbers falling

Went to the VA Hospital for a check-up today. My health, even though I have focused on doing the right things, has changed, at least in numbers.

My goals due to this:
1: After today, ditch sugary beverages again. I got into this habit when my sugars were better. I had been out of it, mostly drinking diet soda or water. I need to go back to the diet soda and water routine.
2: 1800 calorie diet starting now. I estimate using MyFitnessPal that I eat about 2000. I need to cut back to 1800. 1400 calories, which was my last recommendation, was too low.
3: Continue to lose weight. I lost ten pounds since my last visit six months ago. I need to keep the trend going. Keep up the same exercises or add more.

I won't go into too many numbers for fear of boring you all, but the care that had been my routine in the past needs to return, while keeping new good habits going.