Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Possible accountability group

I have joined the KaizenBrotherhood subreddit. Mostly, it gives me someone to be accountable to because I said I would do it. Weekly, we do a bit of goal setting and comment it off to others on the subreddit.

We also use Slack to keep some of our conversations together. I am new to it, but it is a good start. I had no one to be accountable to before I found it that was also interested in productivity minded things.

Plans and goals, of course, need to be actionable where the can be met and measurable. This goes along with the SMART goal setting framework that I learned years ago. Obviously, if you cannot meet your goal, you'll get discouraged. If you cannot measure it, then how will you know if you've met it.

Feelings don't help to measure anything. Feelings are BS.