Monday, October 17, 2016

Quantification project

I have read that "Real Artists Ship." Probably it came from Seth Godin.

I agree, but do not have an exceptionally interesting life. I teach my daughter, love my wife, and keep a quiet family life. Yet, I agree with Godin.

I am trying to write, due to this.

This week has gone great, with quantification of certain projects going great. I have managed to stretch or exercise every day this week. I have also taken my medicine when necessary and added more brushing and flossing. I have never been great at daily tasks like this, but keeping track has helped.

This week, I have a doctor's appointment and will go to the Gaslight Theater with my family. We are seeing Frankenstein, but most likely a comedic version of it.

I will try to write as soon as I have more to say.