Wednesday, October 26, 2016

On 21st century politics

It has come to my attention that voting with the in-crowd has become more important than speaking one's own mind. I never thought about this before I heard that Kim Kardashian was "endorsing" Hillary. First, is she an example? I respect her ability to bring her sex appeal and her relation to Jenner to her own fame. I do not consider her someone to emulate. Second, why does anyone care about the endorsement of a reality TV star? She is not endorsing. She is voting for Hillary, and wants everyone to do the same.

On the other hand, Colin Powell made some serious mistakes during his tenure as SECSTATE. That does not mean that we should not follow his endorsements. He did a great job as CJCS (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs) and was rewarded by W. Just because he party flopped, does not mean anyone else will. The cult of personality is pushed for Kim K and Powell, mainly because they vote with liberal media. First, does anyone want to remember how Powell is called out by the left for his voice in the UN Security Council meetings against Iraq? No one will vote with him on the left. The Right is voting for Trump. The center sways, but besides Neocons, which vastly affected the GOP, no one would vote for Trump because of what Powell says. They use him as reinforcement for their own ideas.

The 43rd President, W, was a neocon. He was mostly a moderate with Hawkish beliefs. The Right are voting for Trump. The Libertarians are not voting for Trump. They are mostly voting for Gary Johnson or writing in Rand Paul. The moderates are going third party (Constitution, Green, Libertarian, McMullin).

Powell, while a great CJCS, won't sway the hard right to vote for Hillary. Kim K won't sway anyone except for people reinforcing their own ideas.

Vote your mind. Don't vote to follow Reality TV stars, which the left only heckles because Trump was one.